Hey! blog world. My name is Edu Ruiz Leon, but I also go by Edu. I’m dedicating this first page to introduce myself to you and give you the reason I have created this website.

Above all, It’s self-interest that matters. Keep safety in mind.

I was born in Puerto Rico and raised between NYC and there. I currently live in Queens, NY. I’m 27 years young and married to a woman who has done nothing less than make my life sweet, her name is Quiota Ruiz. In general, I’m a big fan of nature and of the sciences, specially astronomy. Despite of this, currently I’m not satisfied with my efforts in life. Inspired by people whom I’ve read about, I’m here to open new doors. I know I can offer more than my valuable time to this world. This is why I decided to make my own website to start blogging my journey by using a specific approach. I have read over and over that everyone has their purpose, but this purpose needs to be found. If not, life will not be as meaningful as it can be compared to someone who has found their purpose and lives in it daily. I will attempt to reach that height here on this website. I have always expressed the concern for safety in everything I do, alone or in the presence of others.

Safety is a general word. I’m not here to ask you to wear your seatbelt when driving, even though you should wear it. I’m here to focus on the little things that matter to me. These little things that I have always focused on that may seem obvious when mentioned, but are actually very unique characteristics that can give anyone the advantage. Alertness, awareness, as well as the ability to notice small details regardless of where you are at, are some of the characteristics I’m referring to. These characteristics are what make me the person I have always been. These small little things I will share with you in forms of experience and day-to-day interaction with the general public. These small things I have always pay attention to while walking down the street, sitting down eating, or even while using the restroom. I want to talk about it here and find a way to express myself as full as possible to create the life I need to live.

My goal on this website is to express my interests on safety through self-awareness by focusing on the little details that matter. When I’m not here I’m also on Facebook at, Medium at , Twitter at and Instagram at

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